We are all genetically predisposed to certain ailments, disorders or chronic processes that we are powerless to change, but we can act on how these genes are expressed. Lifestyle, reparative sleep, emotional and environment factors, nutrition, especially the micronutrients we ingest daily, determine whether the genes related to these processes are activated or silenced.

Correct gene expression is facilitated by healthy habits, for example:

  • Eating a variety of fresh foods.
  • Achieving good micronutritional status
  • Reducing exposure to environmental and dietary toxins
  • Knowing how to manage stress and emotion

LCN (Laboratorio de Complementos Nutricionales), a laboratory specializing in nutritional supplements, detected the need to provide a balanced combination of micronutrients, and the metabolites derived from these micronutrients (never in isolation), in physiological quantities to maintainoptimal health at all stages of life.

LCN is led by a medical-scientific team of micronutrition experts with over 20 years of clinical experience. LCN provides nutritional supplements and dietary recommendationsto correct micronutritional imbalances that can lead to altered states of health, premature aging and chronic processes that diminish a person’s quality of life and autonomy.

The micronutrients delivered in LCN nutritional supplements are bioaccessible, bioavailable, effective and safe. The formulations do not interact with common medicines and are suitable for all types of individuals, regardless of age, gender and state of health, who seek optimal nutrition.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Sponsor of the Congress One health, one well-being

The LCN laboratory sponsors the “One Health, One Wellbeing” Congress, which contributes to the understanding that human health and its future as a species depend on caring for the environment and the health of all living beings on Earth, from the smaller microorganisms, wild animal life to agriculture, livestock, industry and its climatic effect.