Intelligent Micronutrition

Intelligent Micronutrition creates an optimal environment for maintaining cellular and metabolic functioning and strengthening the human body’s innate defense system.

Mitochondria ActiveLCN

Micronutrient complex that promotes complete energetic activation and cellular function

Specific Micronutrition Products

The LCN Laboratory develops another line of nutritional supplements for a particular and specific use. To do this, it uses specifically selected micronutrients to control certain situations or symptoms and help maintain health.

Health and micronutrients

Discover the factors that affect micronutrients

Professional Zone

Offers exclusive information on:

  • Products: indications, dosage, advantages over other products, etc.
  • Chronic diseases and micronutrition
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If you are a health professional, you can request discharge


The PAC diet (Proteins – Antioxidants – Carbohydrates) is a combination of several food groups that facilitates a better result of micronutrition.